07. Using Hypergrid

What is Hypergrid?
Hypergrid is now included in the standard build of OpenSim, since release r7471, and allows for teleporting between any two opensims, whether they are in standalone or gridmode. This should not be underestimated. Hypergrid could be said to be the glue that binds all OpenSims together into one vast Metaverse. From now on, you can teleport directly from with within your viewer, using the Map, to any other OpenSim, including all sims in the OSGrid and 3rd Rock, for example, or to your friend's standalone, providing, of course, that they permit you, by giving you the URL of their sim.

Enabling and Using Hypergrid

Step 1: Enable Hypergrid
To enable Hypergrid you need to change just one line in the opensim.ini file. Look for the WorldMapModule parameter in the [StartUp] section, and comment it out (by preceding it with a semicolon), and replace it with:

WorldMapModule = "HGWorldMap"

Step 2: Set a Home Position
In order to use Hypergrid you must first set a home position in one of your own regions, if you have not already done so.

Step 3: Ensure your Network Parameters are setup Correctly
To use Hypergrid your network settings must use the external hostname or IP address, and not the local loopback of So, for example (assuming that your hostname is http://myhost.servegame.org):

Standalone Mode

http_listener_port = 9000
remoting_listener_port = 8895

grid_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:9000
grid_send_key = 1234
grid_recv_key = 1234

user_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:9000
user_send_key = 1234
user_recv_key = 1234

asset_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:9000

inventory_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:9000

and for Gridmode

http_listener_port = 9000
remoting_listener_port = 8895

grid_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:8001
grid_send_key = 1234
grid_recv_key = 1234

user_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:8002
user_send_key = 1234
user_recv_key = 1234

asset_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:8003

inventory_server_url = http://myhost.servegame.org:8004

Also check your 5 UGAIM xml config files:


and change all references to to myhost.servegame.org

Step 4: Create a Shortcut
Create a shortcut to opensim.exe on the desktop, right-click it and choose properties, and on the Shortcut Tab go into the Target box, and at the end add a space and then -hypergrid=true

so it looks something like this:

"C:\Opensim\bin\opensim.exe" -hypergrid=true

Step 5: Create a Link Region
To set up a link region (the place you wish to teleport to) you need two things:

a) A place on your own gridmap that is unused, preferably not adjacent to any of your existing regions, but close by. So, for example, in my grid I have 25 regions in a 5x5 grid layout. The X-Y coordinates for each region range from 999-1003 in the X-Axis and the same for the Y-Axis. So I chose 999 1005 for my first link-region.

b) The URL for the region you wish to teleport to. For testing purposes you can use a location in the OSGrid, osl2.nac.uci.edu, with a port number of 9006.

You can now create the link region by typing the following command in the opensim.exe console (after you have started it):

link-region 999 1005 osl2.nac.uci.edu 9006 OSGrid Gateway

(Note: the above address is OSL2, not OS12. Also, the 'OSGrid Gateway' is just the name I have given on my Map for this region, you can choose anything you like for this name, it is not the name that the region has on the OSGrid, 'UCI Welcome', but you could use the actual name if you wish)

When I logged into my opensim, and opened the Map, I could now see the new link region at the 999 1005 location. Clicking in the middle of this new region, and then clicking the Teleport Button, I teleported directly to the region, and was able to explore the OSGrid from there. I teleported back home by selecting Teleport Home from the World menu on the viewer.

Important Note
Due to a viewer bug, you can only TP between regions that are no more than 4096 cells apart in any dimension. What this means in practice is that if you want to link to OSGrid, you must have your own regions reachable from the (10,000; 10,000) point on the map, which is where OSGrid is centered. Place your regions somewhere in the 8,000s or the 12,000s. If you don't, you will find that when you arrive at UCI Welcome all you will see is sky, no land, no avatars, and you will not even see yourself. However, if you turn your camera you will see the neighbouring sim, and crossing over into that you will then see yourself, with appearance intact. You might want to leave a marker pole on that sim, as others have done.

More details on Hypergrid and other regions that you could teleport to, are available on the Hypergrid wiki, from which this tutorial has drawn.


  1. Hi Rock, Love the tutorials here. Solved a lot of difficulties I was having...well, except this one :-) I got through this tut and created the link island to osl2... the map appeared but when I tried to teleport I got a region appears to be down msg. I tried other link-regions on the public grids page and always got the same. However, my islands are in the 1000 1000 locations, so I tried moving them closer (to about 8000 8000), I changed every reference in the .ini file to reflect that change, I checked the _config.xml and region.xml files, I changed the location in the regions table on my MySql database, I restarted everything. The console reports my islands as being...at 1000 1000, 1003 1003 etc. Did I miss something???? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I should perhaps add to the post above that my setup is grid and hypergrid ready, ports are open..etc...it all works and is externally accessible except I can't link out. regards and keep the tutorials coming, they're great.

  3. Isn't it always the way? Post a request for help, walk away for a while come back and spot the error straight away!! :-( With reference to the two earlier posts, I'd copied an old opensim.ini file for the latest build, but forgotten to change the regionload directory so the new build was looking at an old regions folder :-(( Anyway, sims now relocted to the 8000's location. Still can't teleport out though, I get the external link-region sim map but when I try to teleport _ I just get a "region appears to be down" message (I've tried a few). The console reports the connection being actively refused. Anyone got any ideas????

  4. Naw sorry. I am haveing Issues As well.
    I think I have done everything correctly. But I cannot seem to leave my standalone.

    This is what it says in Viewer
    "Could Not Teleport.
    Destination is not accepting teleports: Failed to authenticate user Lord.Entenith@sllostworld.servegame.com:9000, Access Denied"
    Yes I know I included my noip But It would be cool if people came.

    In Server It says... Wait Im going to post this Try something then come back

  5. the new open sim platform is differennt please refer to http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Installing_and_Running_Hypergrid